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152 - Let‘s Fight - Beast (X-Men) REMATCH!

Oct. 14, 2021

This is round 2 of our match against Beast from the X-Men. He beat us last time, but we don't plan to lose twice! Can we do it?


151 - An exorcism in Arkansas!? (MYSTERY)

Oct. 11, 2021

Amy Stamatis was left paralyzed below the waist after she plunged from the second story of her Searcy home onto a brick patio in November 2006. The circumstances of the incident were unusual. Stamatis had climbed into an op…


150 - The Green Children of Woolpit (MYSTERY)

Oct. 8, 2021

Sometime during the 12th century, two children appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England, seemingly out of nowhere. These were no ordinary orphans: The boy and girl spoke in an unknown tongue, sported strange cl…

Let's Fight Games

149 - Let‘s Fight - Yoshimitsu (TEKKEN)

Oct. 7, 2021

We take on a mysterious but well known Tekken fighter Yoshimitsu!Can we win, or is he just to skilled and versatile?


148 - Mary Celeste (Ghost Ship Mystery)

Oct. 4, 2021

Mary Celeste was an American merchant brigantine discovered adrift and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean off the Azores Islands on December 4, 1872. The Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia found her in a dishevelled but seaworthy co…

Comics Other Games Listener Questions Flippin Out!

147 - Flippin Out #05 (China bans Shang-Chi, Matrix 4, OnlyFans bans sexual content?, PlayStation showcase, Listener Questions!)

Sept. 27, 2021

China bans Shang-Chi Matrix 4 OnlyFans bans sexual content? PlayStation showcase Listener Questions! Listeners join along trivia games & More

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Mans biggest dream is to fly.
My dream is to show them that they can.

Alex is the heart of What The Flip.
Despite his dark humour, his Superman like exterior and humanity he makes sure light and hope reaches us all.


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Absolute cunt

Marky Mark


Titled "The Prince of the Community" he is a fun loving guy who just wants to sit down, watch some movies, eat some donuts and laugh!!

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Its pretty hard to describe Louis in words...

So instead.... picture a chocolate cake with nice icing, sculpted perfectly, with beautiful artistic expression... harmless and tastes nice... but in the centre of the cake there is a deep dark black hole and no one really knows what the hell it is!

...That's Louis