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We are a podcast that provides hilarious (and EXPLICIT) conversations about Games, Movies, Anime, Comics, Unexplained Mysteries and more

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About the Hosts


Founder & Host

Mans biggest dream is to fly.
My dream is to show them that they can.

Alex is the heart of What The Flip.
Despite his dark humour, his Superman like exterior and humanity he makes sure light and hope reaches us all.


Co-Founder & Co-Host

Absolute cunt

Marky Mark


Titled "The Prince of the Community" he is a fun loving guy who just wants to sit down, watch some movies, eat some donuts and laugh!!

Louis D Morgan


Its pretty hard to describe Louis in words...

So instead.... picture a chocolate cake with nice icing, sculpted perfectly, with beautiful artistic expression... harmless and tastes nice... but in the centre of the cake there is a deep dark black hole and no one really knows what the hell it is!

...That's Louis