Aug. 5, 2021

Let's Fights are Evolving!!??

Let's Fights are Evolving!!??

I have decided to start pushing our Youtube channel as the brother of What The Flip Podcast. 
We are still in the process of making the required technical plans and strategies to bring you awesome video content. Currently you will see a few "Test" type videos pop up on the channel before we really cut that ribbon and launch the channel officially. 

Now to the exciting news at hand! Let's Fight episodes are the DNA of our podcast, and Alex (The person that does everything) is making a Let's Fight Game that is Video/Stream friendly so you can really watch us play and see all the visual elements to the game. 

Using power cards, opponent cards etc... and of course all members of What The Flip via webcam, we will be producing some awesome Let's Fight Game videos!

More news will come of this in the upcoming month during development, but for now take a look at an Alpha stage screen shot for this post.