Let's Fight Episodes

October 14, 2021

152 - Let‘s Fight - Beast (X-Men) REMATCH!

This is round 2 of our match against Beast from the X-Men. He beat us last time, but we don't plan to lose twice! Can we do it?

Let's Fight Comics

October 07, 2021

149 - Let‘s Fight - Yoshimitsu (TEKKEN)

We take on a mysterious but well known Tekken fighter Yoshimitsu!Can we win, or is he just to skilled and versatile?

Let's Fight Games

September 23, 2021

146 - Let‘s Fight - 10x Ten Year Olds!?

We have to figure out the best way to defeat 10 ten year olds in a fight!? This hilarious outcome may have some cameos!

Let's Fight

September 16, 2021

144 - Let‘s Fight - Angel (Buffy)

It is a throwback character from the Buffy universe. We tackle an interesting fight with Angel. Is he easy or harder than we think? Can we beat him up?

Let's Fight

September 02, 2021

140 - Let's Fight - Meiko Shiraki (Prison School Anime)

We take on a right anime hotty in Meiko Shiraki from the anime Prison School. She is stubborn and lethal with her horse whip and loves to discipline the boys! Can we end this fight because the chaos really gets to us?

Let's Fight Anime

August 26, 2021

138 - Let's Fight- Mammy Two Shoes (Tom & Jerry)

What a classic and bizarre character to fight, but hey....its What the Flip!

Let's Fight

August 19, 2021

136 - Let's Fight - Shikamaru (Kid)

Although he is a kid, he is still a ninja with a genius mind! Can we win?

Let's Fight Anime

August 12, 2021

134 - Let's Fight - Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

We fight the wise master Splinter in this weeks Let's Fight. Is his guy a deadly ninja or an old fart?

Let's Fight Comics

August 05, 2021

132 - Let's Fight - 40 Dogs, and a heated argument between Alex and Louis about the moon!?? (SPECIAL)

We figure out how to no die against 40 wild dogs in a fight. It isn't as easy as you think. In this episode we do 4 fights (with a special last fight). To end the episode Alex and Louis get into a heated argument about the moon.

Let's Fight

July 22, 2021

128 - Let's Fight - Armoured Titan (Attack on Titan)

This time we take on the Armoured Titan from Attack on Titan...gosh this is going to be tough!

Let's Fight Anime

July 15, 2021

126 - Let's Fight - Hwoarang (Tekken)

We take on one of the great Tekken fighters Hwoarang in a fight to the death. Can we win!?

Let's Fight Games

July 08, 2021

124 - Let's Fight - Donald Trump! (In hell)

This time I am joined by Louis as we take on Donald Trump in what could be described as hell!

Let's Fight

July 01, 2021

122 - Let's Fight - 100 Rats

Its man vs Beast again! This time many beasts and the beasts are rather smallish... but don't let the size fool you!

Let's Fight

June 24, 2021

120 - Let's Fight - MiB (Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones)

We fight the iconic duo of MiB, in what I can say may be our darkest and most twisted episode ever!

Let's Fight

June 17, 2021

118 - Let's Fight - Jubilee (X-Men)

Marky Mark is back with us as we dive into a comical fight with Jubilee from Marvel's X-Men

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